My kid just crazy about cars. How to give your child a new experience and new games without buying tons of new and new cars? I know the answer. Just made it!

  1. Take the mixture for molding Play Doh of 3 different colours.
  2. Make a small cube to the basics. Flatten one edge of the cube. This will be the hood.
  3. From a mixture of other colours make 4 equal very small balls, then just flatten it. It will be wheels.
  4. Then make the bigger ball and drag it into cylinder, and flatten it. This will be the windshield.
  5. Then take the third colour and make another 4 balls. 2 bigger and two smaller ones, and the same shape of these lights.
  6. Attach the wheels, windshield and headlights on the base.
  7. Leave for 2-3 days until the mixture solidifies. No heat is needed. After 2-3 days you will have a hard toy feels like a stone.